Are you feeling passionate?

The world of media sales is a highly competitive; there is so much choice for clients and agencies. As sales people we are constantly looking for an edge, that special something that can make us stand out from the crowd, a better and more persuasive way to sell.

And how do you sell?You convince your audience that what you are selling is the best thing since sliced bread. And how do you convince your audience? You put your heart and soul into it; you speak honestly and with passion. Passion is a word that has become overused in recent years, but there are few – if any – other words that communicate quite as well the secret ingredient for effective media sales.

Standing out in Media Sales

Passion is, ultimately, the quality that will differentiate you from your competitors in other media sales teams. Generally, people like to be led, or steered, towards decisions, opinions, beliefs – be they social, political or business. It takes a passionate leader to convince people to become a part of something bigger e.g. an inspiring public speech that secures allegiance to a political party. It’s a natural response to gravitate towards someone who is passionate about what they do and say – the assumption is that whatever they are talking about really works; how could they be so enthusiastic otherwise?

At its most basic level, passion evokes that wonderfully childish sense of ‘I want to be in your gang’. On a professional level it means that people will want to buy from you because they can see that you care, and they feel confident that you will care about them and their needs – they can easily believe that they will have a better experience with you than with a coolly efficient competitor.

Inject a little passion into your next media sales presentations and you may just find it makes all the difference.

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