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Presentation Coaching

Do you suffer from nerves when presenting? Do you hide behind your PowerPoint slides? Do you struggle to get your message across or feel you haven’t prepared properly? Nua Training specialises in one-to-one presentation coaching and can quickly and effectively transform the way you present.

Our coaching is focused totally on you and your individual needs, utilising techniques that suit your personal style of presenting and designed to give you the confidence and skills required to deliver engaging presentations.

Each session involves video work, enabling you to get instant and honest feedback.

What the coaching covers

  • How to radiate confidence and deliver with genuine passion
  • Focusing on your audience needs
  • Structuring your presentation
  • Creating clear and compelling messages
  • Techniques to engage your audience
  • Using visual aids for best effect
  • Creating impact to make your presentation more memorable


Coaching session are bespoke to each individual and dependent on your needs

Who the course is for

Anyone who is expected to make presentations.

If you’d like to work on your presentation skills, call Nua Training on 01372 700026 or send an email.