Presenting with Impact for Data Professionals

Data is now a key business success driver . “Insight-driven businesses are growing at an average of 30% each year, with growth mainly coming through wins from their competitors ” – Forester 2018.

The role of the data leader, or team member is now very important in a business. Execs know they need to make decisions based on data and the data team holds those powerful insights.

This is where you need to move from being a heads down contributor; A Data Explorer, to creating a point of view to inspire change in the business to happen; A Data Inspirer

Being able to present well is now a very important skill to have, so we have developed this course to specifically address the needs of data professionals.

What the course covers

  • How to radiate confidence and deliver with genuine passion
  • Focusing on your audience needs
  • How to create clear and compelling messages
  • Structuring your presentation for maximum impact
  • Techniques to engage your audience, including storytelling and metaphors
  • Using robust design methods to ensure data presentations maximise impact
  • Using body language and voice to feel confident and influence your audience?
  • Creating a friend of technology
  • Creating impact to make your presentation more memorable


2 x 3 hour interactive virtual workshops.

Who the course is for

Delegates who want to improve their delivery of their data presentations, or looking to increase their level of confidence:

  • Data Scientists or Statisticians conveying their insights to less technical audience
  • Data Analysts and Developers preparing data for stakeholders to drive informed decision making
  • Leaders needing to communicate data-driven insights to their boards or investors
  • Marketers who need to communicate data to a wide audience, influence opinion and drive them to take action

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Course Delivery Formats

In Person Training Courses | Sales & Presentation Skills for Media Sales Teams - Nua Training
Virtual Training Courses | Sales & Presentation Skills for Media Sales Teams - Nua Training

Do you suffer from nerves when presenting? We also offer intensive 1-2-1 presentation coaching designed to quickly improve the way you present.