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Presenting with Impact

Audiences are demanding – they want clear, compelling and engaging presentations that cut through all the noise. Good presentation skills are essential in media sales, there is no room for nerves or shyness. With plenty of opportunity to put the theory into practice and video analysis of presentations, this course will provide you with the skills and techniques to confidently deliver your message in-person, or virtually. Individual coaching will ensure that you develop and improve your own style of presenting.

What the course covers

  • How to radiate confidence and deliver with genuine passion
  • Focusing on your audience needs
  • Understanding different client types
  • Structuring your presentation
  • How to create clear and compelling messages
  • Techniques to engage your audience, both face to face, and virtually
  • Using visual aids
  • Presentations beyond PowerPoint


Two-day workshop in-person, or two 3 hour sessions virtually.

Who the course is for

Everyone. Training is tailored to individual needs and according to each participant’s level of presentation skills.

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Course Delivery Formats

In Person Training Courses | Sales & Presentation Skills for Media Sales Teams - Nua Training
Virtual Training Courses | Sales & Presentation Skills for Media Sales Teams - Nua Training

Do you suffer from nerves when presenting? We also offer intensive 1-2-1 presentation coaching designed to quickly improve the way you present.