4 steps to good presentation structureHow often do you sit through presentations that are clear, concise and easy to follow?

If this is a regular occurrence count yourself lucky, as I find that a common problem with presentations is that they tend to be too long, difficult to follow and with no clear take away messages.

Why is this?

Simple, the presenters haven’t given sufficient thought to the structure of their presentation.

A clear structure can transform your presentations overnight.

There are four simple steps to improving the structure of your presentations

  1.  Breakdown your presentation into chunks, ideally somewhere between 2 and 5 chunks.
  1. Give each chunk a heading, which combined form the agenda for your presentation. Don’t forget to share the agenda with your audience.
  1. Each chunk should have a key point; it works like a mini summary so the audience is clear on what the take away message is.
  1. End with a clear, concise summary.

By following these simple steps your presentations will be clearer, easier to follow and your audiences will understand what your key messages are.

You may even find that they love you for it!

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