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Sales Leadership Coaching Programme

Being a leader is a tough job. You’re expected to have sufficient charisma and capabilities to grapple and succeed with every new challenge sent your way.

There are times in your career when you will need inspiration, support or development that simply cannot be provided by your own organisation. What’s required is combination of expertise, and a fresh perspective, to build your confidence, develop your thinking and enhance your leadership behaviours.

Because our coaches have worked extensively within the Media Industry, progressing through the ranks to top of their professions, you and your teams are able to draw on their insight and knowledge – they’ve probably already been through your challenges themselves, and reflected on their experiences.

What the coaching covers

  • Using the Tilt 365 Profile and Positive Influencer Predictor, we will work with you to identify your natural strengths and areas for development. These can include:
    • Fast-tracking your leadership development
    • Enhancing your leadership and strategic planning skills
    • Improving your decision-making
    • Improving your goal setting – and faster achievement of goals
    • Managing stress and conflict to improve working relationships
    • Building a confident communication style
    • Increasing your ability to inspire and motivate teams


A programme will typically consist of monthly 1-2-1 sessions over a period of 6-12 months to work on the agreed development areas.

Who the course is for

Sales managers who want to realise their full potential and progress in their organisation.

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Coaching Delivery Formats

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