Team Coaching Accelerator Programme

Team coaching has become one of the most effective investments an organisation can make. It is the cutting-edge performance-raising tool for team development. It can be used both for already high performing teams and for teams who function less effectively, as well as those going through change. Our aim is to work with clients to create highly motivated teams to want to achieve more.

Working together as a team to create shared values and goals, increases trust and engagement, re-energising the employees and building confidence and belief in a better, high performing future. Excellence and enjoyment go hand in hand, and with the necessary one to one support, transformational results are created

“ Coaching develops the identity and creativity of teams to reach their full potential” Sir John Whitmore – author of best selling book ‘Coaching for Performance’

Because our coaches have worked extensively within the Media Sales Industry, progressing through the ranks to top of their professions, you and your teams are able to draw on their insight and knowledge – they’ve probably been through your challenges themselves, and been able to reflect on their experiences.

What the coaching covers

  • Using our Nua Sales Competency Framework, we will work with you to identify where the team is aligned and where it isn’t
  • Establish the team’s overall objective with the leader.
  • Run 1-2-1 sessions with each team member to diagnose, where the team is at and set personal objectives for the team coaching programme.
  • Create a ‘launch event’ where the team establishes its own team goals, values and development agenda.
  • Run a series of workshops and/or one- to-one coaching over 6-12 months to establish and embed new working practices, improve collaboration and communication.
  • Review progress and ensure sustainable development.


A programme will typically be run with teams of 5 or more, and consist of 2 days diagnostic, planning and analysis, and 6-10 day workshops and/or one-to-one sessions over a period of 6-12 months.

Who the course is for

Sales teams who are going through change, want to boost performance, overcome obstacles or take the next step up.

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Coaching Delivery Formats

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