Data Leadership Coaching

Leading a data, analytics or data science function is now a business critical, but challenging role, requiring a wide range of skills, and at times, can also feel lonely and isolating.

Our goal is to help you find the best leadership version of yourself. Quite simply, when you perform better as a leader, your teams are more effective and motivated, and your business grows more.

Our coaching programme for Data Leaders is led by Tony Lamb who has over 25+ years of leading data businesses, and is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coach. He spent over a decade as Head of Data Strategy at one of the UK’s biggest companies, as well as holding board positions in a number of other data organisations.

Why might you be interested in having a coach:

Here are a selection of topics we have helped our coachees work through:

    • Building your leadership skill sets and confidence
    • Working through your leadership challenges and problems in a confidential setting
    • Wanting to build an empowered team that are engaged and productive
    • Exploring different ways to manage difficult situations
    • Influencing your peers and managing upwards
    • Wanting to progress quickly in your career
    • Wanting to drive business value from data
    • Building a data-driven culture in your business
    • Needing to gain stakeholder and company buy-in to a data strategy

Approach and Duration

Our approach is specifically tailored to the needs of today’s data professional. We use an ICF coaching methodology and toolkit, combined with Tony’s experience of what it takes to be a data leader, to help you find your own answers and realise your true potential.

We offer individual and company coaching programmes, and the topics covered are determined by you or the coachee. All sessions are totally confidential 

In addition, we include a free Tilt 365 Profile and Positive Influencer Predictor (worth £100), to help you identify your natural strengths and areas for development

Our Individual coaching programmes are typically run as follows:

  • A free chemistry and exploration session
  • A free Tilt 365 Profile and Positive Influencer Predictor (completed as homework)
  • 6 or more, 60 minute coaching sessions, including objective setting and an ongoing development plan and evaluation
  • Review and feedback on your ideas and plans
  • Bespoke homework and recommended reading
  • Access to Nua’s Leadership Training materials

For our Company coaching programmes, you can buy blocks of 10 or 20 coaching sessions, and allocate them to your team members as you require

Who the coaching is for

  • Data leaders who want to accelerate and realise their true potential
  • Managers newly appointed into data leadership roles, who want to develop their leadership skills and feel supported in their new role
  • Data teams wishing to work more effectively as a high performing unit

Want to find out more about how Nua Training can help your data team get to the next level? Call us on 01372 700026 or send an email to