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How many times have you ever heard the phrase ‘death by PowerPoint’?! Sales people can become far too reliant on PowerPoint to get their ideas across, as a result of which agencies and clients regularly suffer from presentation overload. Designed to help you craft more interesting presentations and pitches by telling stories, this workshop is a mix of theory and practice where you’ll work on writing and presenting ideas creatively and passionately to capture the attention of your audience.

What the course covers

  • The challenge of creating a great pitch
  • Understanding your clients and what they need
  • Getting to the essence of the brief and finding the solution
  • Who the idea targets and why
  • The importance of your story
    • Building the story of your idea
  • Narrative techniques
  • Being telegraphic
  • Engaging the audience
  • Reviewing your idea


One-day workshop.

Who the course is for

Anyone in Sales who is expected to make presentations.

What clients say about this course

“An amazingly beneficial day, thank you much!”
Sarah Villegas, Head of Marketing – Exterion Media

“Strip back information, helped me look at things in a different way. Really useful for more than just writing awards entries.”
Katie Ingram – Outsmart

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