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Selling Cross-Platform Media Partnerships

Not surprisingly, clients are always looking for ways to achieve ‘stand-out’ for their brands in a crowded market. As content-driven marketing increases in popularity media owners are well placed to create compelling content for clients. This workshop is designed to build confidence and help sales people develop and pitch market-leading cross-platform content-led partnerships to clients and agencies.

What the course covers

  • Sourcing briefs
  • Who to sell to
  • Understanding clients’ marketing communications challenges
  • What clients want from partnerships
  • Using insight to build your case
  • Where your media fits within the customer journey
  • Generating a pitch theme
  • Content-led ideas
  • Amplifying your idea across media and social platforms
  • Writing winning proposals
  • Pitching your ideas
  • How to measure ROI


Two-day workshop.

Who the course is for

Sales people with a minimum of one year’s experience in media sales.

To find out more about how we can help your team more successfully pitch market leading partnership ideas, please call us on 01372 700026 or send an email.