Sales Masterclass Programme

The media industry is evolving and changing at an unparalleled speed, so this can be challenging for even the most experienced sales team. To grow revenues, you now need to do a lot more than the competition

The Sales Masterclass Programme creates that competitive edge by combining analysis, skills development and coaching to transform sales potential into expertise.

By analysing the current capabilities of the salesteam using our Sales Competency Framework, course modules can be configured with you to meet your objectives. The training modules are interactive and fun, motivating the team, and we always celebrate successes as the teams capabilities and achievements develop. Results are maximised using Sprint Coaching to embed the learning, build confidence and competence in conversations with prospects

A typical example of an eight module programme is summarised below:

What the course covers

MODULE ONE – Setting yourself up for success

At it’s heart, sales is about people; us as sales people and who we sell to. In the first session we explore what clients want from sales people and how we can differentiate ourselves by developing our understanding of ourselves and the markets we operate in. Key topics are:

  • The role of the ‘modern’ sales person
  • Mindset, skills and knowledge – how to have the edge in sales
  • Enthusiasm and energy – how they differentiate you from others
  • Putting clients at the heart of your approach – what clients want from you
  • The psychology of sales – why people buy
  • Introduction to a simple sales process that works

MODULE TWO – Engaging clients

Gaining a potential client’s attention is the first step in the sales process. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

We show you how to build warmth and credibility form the outset so clients look forward to getting to know you understand the value your media brands can deliver for them. Key topics are:

  • Taking a strategic approach to building new contacts
  • Your personal brand
  • Selling through Social Media
  • Pinpointing ‘Trigger” opportunities to increase the chance of success
  • Making an impact on your first introduction – via emails, calls, social media or events
  • Building rapport
  • Capturing attention and interest through a strong value proposition
  • Being clear on your key differentiators

MODULE THREE – Exploration

“Seek first to understand before you seek to be understood.” Stephen Covey

Being curious enables salespeople to explore clients’ needs and open up opportunities in a natural way. We work to ensure salespeople find out what they need to know to progress the sales opportunity. Knowing what you need to find out only takes you halfway. Knowing the right questioning and conversation techniques will ultimately define your success. Key topics are:

  • The ability to effectively assess
  • The current situation (facts and figures about them, their team, their organisation)
  • Aspirations (where do they want to be? where do they want to move away from?)
  • Constraints/barriers (what’s stopping them? what issues do they have? what problems to they need to solve
  • Developing listening skills is also a core part of the Exploration phase.

MODULE FOUR – Pitching with impact

In media sales, audiences are demanding- they want clear, compelling and engaging presentations. Getting cut through is essential.

Positioning your media brand around the client’s needs will ensure your message will resonate. But that is not enough. We help your team bring your brands to life through creative storytelling. Key topics are:

  • Understanding different audience and what they want from you
  • The ability to deliver a compelling presentation in terms of structure, content and style
  • Using storytelling to bring your brand alive and be more memorable
  • How to show up as a presenter to make an impact
  • How to overcome nerves

MODULE FIVE – Sales writing

Crafting impactful emails and proposals is an essential tool in modern sales. A well crafted proposal can be the difference between winning and losing a sale. Key topics are:

  • Understanding writing styles- appropriate styles of email, proposals
  • Writing for different audiences
  • How to co-create proposals with clients to increase likelihood of a ‘yes’
  • Building solutions that are ‘easy to buy’
  • Achieving clarity when writing
  • Creating well structured, compelling proposals

MODULE SIX – Negotiating and closing

Once you have presented your solution the client will often want to change the proposal or negotiate on the terms. In media sales this is often value led, but also may be time and format related. We will help your teams understand the value they have in every negotiation, so they can maintain control and come to solutions agreeable to both parties creating a ‘win-win’. Key topics are:

  • Objection handling
  • Negotiating while making the customer feel good about their decision making
  • Understanding your variables and their value
  • Understanding the client’s needs
  • Knowing how to structure your negotiation
  • Taking control in the sales process to move sales along quicker – gaining commitment
  • Understanding key influencers in the buying process and how to involve them to speed up decision making to close the sale

MODULE SEVEN – Account Management

Media sales is a relationship business. As relationships develop sales people need to take a more strategic approach to their key accounts. Planning enables teams to focus their efforts on where they are needed most. The best sales people become Trusted Advisors to their clients. Key topics are:

  • Information gathering
  • Key account plans – maintain, grow, acquire
  • Key contact strategy
  • Setting KPI’s
  • How to build trust
  • Influencing skills


A programme will typically be run with teams of 5 or more over a period of 6-12 months, and consist of a 1 day planning and analysis session, 7 training modules which are a blend of half day and full day workshops, and monthly one-to-one Sprint Coaching sessions.

Who the course is for

Sales teams who want to increase performance and productivity.

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