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Creative Thinking Techniques

Agencies and clients crave new ideas, media firsts and innovative solutions to briefs. Sales teams often have very little time in which to respond to client briefs and to turn around great ideas. Using improvisation techniques, this course is designed to help sales people develop new ways of thinking around briefs and how to generate creative ideas under time pressure.

What the course covers

  • Creating context
  • What do we mean by creativity?
  • How we perceive creativity
  • Tools for asking different types of questions
  • Creative behaviours – letting go, notice more, use everything
  • Creativity tools – ‘Combine and Connect’, ‘Break existing patterns, ‘Embrace Constraints’


One-day workshop.

Who the course is for

Anyone who wants to be more creative in their approach to sales.

What clients say about this course

“I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and forcing my brain to think differently – there were so many different techniques to generate ideas!”
Laura Smith – ThisisGlobal

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