In my recent work with classified media sales teams the most common objection the teams faced early on in their calls was, ‘email me some information’.  Most sales people didn’t actually recognise this as an objection, and happily emailed the client their media info.

Unfortunately what the sales executives didn’t realise is that clients are often very polite and can sound genuinely interested in receiving your information, but they do this as they know from experience that it usually means the sales person will finish the call quickly and won’t ask them any questions.

The sales person counts this call as an effective one, and the client is seen as a prospect, when in reality they haven’t been qualified in any way.

The problem lies in the follow up call, the client is often difficult to get hold of and when you do succeed in making contact the client usually hasn’t read the information they received. So by not qualifying properly in the first call we are lengthening the sale process unnecessarily.

So how can you deal with the objection?

One technique I recommend which works time after time is to say “Of course I am happy to send across some information to you, but we have different information for different media, so can I ask you a few questions so we can send you the correct details?”

This gives you time to then probe further and if your questions are relevant the client will be happy to stay on the call.

Another approach is to agree to send the information but explain that you have found that clients get so many emails that they often find they end up not having the time to read every one, and it will actually only take a few minutes to go through your information. Clients recognised and appreciate this and will usually agree to give you some more time.

So treat the “email me some information’ line as you would any other objection, try to deal with it,  and see if it improves your sales conversations


Image courtesy of Flickr SeanMacEntee


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