Presenting with Impact, Virtually
Delivered via Zoom

Do you need to transition to presenting virtually? Are you unfamiliar with the virtual environment and the technology? Are you concerned about how to engage your audience and generate interaction? Are you unclear about what you need to do differently in a virtual environment?
At Nua Training, we’ve developed a workshop that specifically addresses the challenges of presenting, virtually. The training is led by an award-winning performer, pitch coach and TEDx speaker who certainly knows how to engage and hold an audience – both on and offline! This course is highly interactive and will create a real, tangible transformation in your presentation skills

What the course covers

  • How to radiate confidence and deliver with genuine passion
  • Focusing on your audience needs
    Structuring your presentation
  • Creating clear and compelling messages
  • Techniques to engage your audience in a virtual setting
  • Using body language and voice for best effect
  • Creating a friend of technology
  • Creating impact to make your presentation more memorable
  • (longer course format includes two videoed presentations delivered by each delegate, with feedback tips and homework to refine)


One 3 hour workshop, (or longer format with two 3 hour workshops with videoed presentations) run inhouse or as an open course

Who the course is for

Anyone who is expected to make virtual presentations.

Do you want to deliver your next presentation with complete confidence? Call Nua Training on 01372 700026 or send an email. 

Course Delivery Formats

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Do you suffer from nerves when presenting? We also offer intensive 1-2-1 presentation coaching designed to quickly improve the way you present.