Flexible working is here to stay...

Create a productive and engaged hybrid workforce

Flexible working is here to stay. Many companies now acknowledge the numerous business advantages of having a hybrid workforce such as financial savings on office overheads, an increase in productivity and a greater ability to attract and retain top talent.

But getting this hybrid-remote working world to run efficiently, and even outperform the co-located model, is not simply about performing a cut and paste of the old processes and approaches. It requires re-imagining what the future model could look like for your business.

Luckily, the hybrid model is far from ‘new’. Many organisations have been experimenting with hybrid and remote working for years. This means there are tried and tested techniques and approaches we can all learn and benefit from.

Our Managing Hybrid Teams Programme takes these key insights and structures them into a 6 part virtual programme to give managers the skills and knowledge to build high performing hybrid teams.

Led by an expert subject matter trainer, the sessions are designed to be interactive and fun, BUT  always results driven. Each course has an accompanying workbook containing practical frameworks and models to use going forward. 

The Managing Hybrid Teams programme has 6 live virtual modules:









About Nua Training

Nua Training are a people development company that works with companies such as BBC Worldwide, Discovery TV, Immediate Media, DC Thompson to help transform the way teams present, sell and perform.

Everyone at Nua Training is an expert in their field: highly experienced professionals who have held senior leadership roles in companies such as the BBC, United Nations, Royal Mail and Yahoo, with over 40 years collective experience running and training hybrid and remote teams.

“We are seeing acceleration of the trend to democratize the workplace… During these last few months, digital technology has flattened hierarchies, with everyone connected and getting information at the same time, and so many channels for employee input and involvement in decision-making in real time.”

Diane Gherson


Expert delivered Managing Hybrid Teams training with proven results

Do you need to transition to managing hybrid teams?
Are you unfamiliar with the different management techniques this model requires?
Are you concerned about effectively collaborating remotely?
Do you want to understand how to build a high performing team that can out-perform your co-located working model?

With the right guidance and practiced skills, you and your team will be working in a more productive and rewarding way in no time.

Our management programme will help you:

● Understand the skills you need to focus on to manage a hybrid team effectively
● Work synchronously and asynchronously as a team, to become more productive
● Build an effective communication strategy to ensure you have clear rules, rhythms and routines so everyone feels consistently involved and engaged, regardless of their location.
● Develop your team to thrive with the new flexibility offered, and avoid burnout and/or feeling isolated
● Use tools and techniques to collaborate effectively across different locations
● Develop a high-performing, hybrid working culture

“People are more productive working at home than people would have expected. Some people thought that everything was just going to fall apart, and it hasn’t. And a lot of people are actually saying that they’re more productive now.” 

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO of Facebook

Our virtual modular training programme will assist in creating an effective hybrid-remote team working environment and improve both individual and organisational performance.