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Sprint Sales Coaching

Training provides the skills, and Sprint Coaching refines those skills to embed and enhance the salesperson’s capability.

If you think about when you learnt to drive, the initial lessons provided information you understood, but only by being taught while practicing does the learning really come to life and the expertise begin to be developed.

To back up this point, research has shown that without special efforts to retain knowledge, learners quickly forget a staggering amount of what they are taught—roughly 70% within the first 24 hours according to Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve.

Therefore with Sprint Coaching, the salespeople not only complete the training, but master it. The results increase session by session, with the salesperson gaining confidence through measured increases in ability. Confidence and skills combine to maximise the results

What the coaching covers

  • Live situation coaching
  • Theory session refreshers, focusing on the core sales skills and behaviours
  • Action plans to increase performance
  • On-going performance assessment
  • Management feedback


Sprint Coaching uses 1-2-1 sessions, run face to face or over Skype. They are short, highly focused sessions ranging from 30-45 minutes each.

Who the course is for

Sales teams who want to increase productivity and performance.

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Coaching Delivery Formats

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